Online Dating Tips For A Great Profile

You haven’t had any luck in local bars, churches, supermarkets, gas stations, or with any of the conventional methods of finding a date. So you decide to look to the internet to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. And wallah, you find online dating. If you love taking selfies and writing about yourself, then you may be able to find love online.

Below are some ideas to create a profile that will get you noticed and help you stand out from all the other profiles online.

Upload Great Pictures

Creating a great profile can be a challenge. But taking some wonderful pictures of yourself, you can separate yourself from all other profiles. Instead of the quintessential bathroom selfie that we’ve all taken a time or two, try to take some pictures of you engaging in one of your hobbies. Pictures of you on a hike, or riding a bike, or doing yoga. Something that shows you are an active person and loves to get out and enjoy life.

Make sure you take some pictures showing that winning smile. No one wants to see what appears to be a mug shot of you with no facial expression. Additionally, guys, keep your shirts on in the pictures. I don’t think there’s anything that turns off a woman more than seeing a bunch of pics of you on a website half dressed. After a few dates, if a woman wants to see your six-pack abs, believe me, she will make it known, so let’s stay fully dressed.

Be Specific About Your Hobbies And Interests

Often times, it’s very difficult to talk about ourselves in a glowing manner. For some it may be a little easier than others, but for the most part, people are drawn out of their comfort zone when they have to talk or write about themselves. You may be able to receive quality responses with your online dating profile by talking about the things that interest you. All the things that make you smile. Whether that means weekend trips to the museum, if you enjoy amusement parks, or fine art, or exercise.

The more details you give about your hobbies and the things that make you a person worth contacting, the less challenging it will be to complete your profile. Try to stay way from the normal, “I like long walks on the beach” or “I enjoy cooking”. What about the beach do you like. What does being on the beach do for you? Why do you love cooking? What about it makes you happy? The more information you give about your personality, the better your profile will be.

Have A Realistic Reality About Online Dating

Can you find the man or woman of dreams from online dating? Probably. But only if you’re willing to weed through the treasure trove of profiles and be patient to find your true match. I’m sure we get all excited when we matched with someone and think, this is the one. But when we slow down, communicate a little bit, maybe we met up for a quick date, we’re faced with the disappointment that another date didn’t work out.

That’s ok. There’s nothing that says every time you go on a date, it has to work out. Ultimately, we are here to have fun and meet new people and try new experiences. I know that may sound like a pie in the sky theology, but it’s true. Who says you can’t go on a few dates with a couple of different people in order to find out if a relationship is in your future? Let’s be realistic. You have to put in the effort to really find your mate. Whether that be with dating online or not. If you aren’t realistic and honest about what your intentions are, then how will you ever find the relationship you are looking for?

Have Fun On The First Date

I’ve heard people say that a first date should be a romantic dinner with drinks at a great restaurant. That’s fine if you both agree this type of atmosphere to meet for the first time. But I don’t think this should be considered the “norm”. There’s nothing wrong with having a first date at a coffee house, or at Disneyland, or doing something goofy like mini golf and go carts.

The point is, there is no one perfect place to meet up on a first date. The important thing to remember is to have fun. Choose something that speaks to both your personalities. Something where you both feel comfortable and safe and can really let your guard down a bit so that you’re not so nervous. I’ve always found that dates where we can both laugh and show our silly side was a plus. But also choose a place where you can talk to each other and really get to know what makes the other person tic.

Ultimately – Be Yourself

The best rule with online dating is just be yourself. Show people all the great qualities that you have and all the things that makes you special. Add recent pictures of yourself and update your profile regularly. Make an honest attempt to connect with people. Most importantly, get into the habit of actually reading the profiles and responding to something from a profile that you have in common.

To often we select people by the way they look in their pictures. As important as physical appearance may be, it should not be the determining factor in which people we choose to date. There is so much more to people than just what they look like. Dig deeper into a persons personality. Ask questions. Try to connect on a much deeper level than just physical.

If you stick to some these tips, you will enhance your ability to find love online. Fundamentally, we are all looking for love. Hopefully online dating will be successful for many of you and you can ride off into the sunset with your significant other. If not, keep trying, and don’t get discouraged. There is someone out there for all of us.