About John

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is John and I wanted to tell you a little about me and why I created this website. I am a 45-year-old single father of two beautiful kids. Well my oldest is 22 and my youngest is 6, but they will forever be my babies. I currently work in the corporate world for a one of the largest if not the largest health insurance carriers in the nation. So being a full-time parent and a hectic work schedule in the rat race does not leave much time for dating in the traditional sense. You know, going to bars to pick up women or any of those traditional methods that led to love.

My Story

Along with a big part of the population, I have tried online dating. I have experienced some success…that is to say that from online dating, I’ve been a relationship that lasted nearly two years. During my earlier years, I found it somewhat easy to reach out and talk to women during the dating game and never really come off as “shy”. If someone was in an arms distance length away from me, odds were, I would try talking to you. That just means I had a great deal of confidence in myself. But over time, dating became more and more difficult and then it became more and more challenging talking to women. Once online dating came about, it seemed as though it would be easier to find dates. All I needed to do is talk about myself, put up a few pics and ultimately create a great profile.

Creating My Profile

There was just one thing wrong with that. Creating the great profile. How do I portray all that is me into a small description of limited characters? How do I make my profile stand out among all the other profiles online so that I come off as appealing and desirable to get someone to respond back to me or to reach out to me. I found it terrifying to speak about myself and describe my hobbies, and likes and dislikes, and what it is that I’m looking for and what it is that I’m not looking for.

For some people, it comes very naturally talking or write about themselves. But not for me. Even writing this blog is proving to be difficult for me. I searched and searched for different tips and tricks to creating a winning profile for the different dating websites I was on, but could not find much of anything I thought was meaningful. So I kept trying different profiles and constantly changing and editing the profile and pics trying to find that one that gave me the most success. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person struggling to create a great profile. The more people I talked to, the more people described similar challenges they faced with creating a profile that got them quality dates.

The Goal Of This Site

The goal of this site to offer and get some tips from people on how to create a great profile. A profile that stands out for the hundreds of different profiles on the web. How do you find the partner of your dreams online and is it really possible.

What are the best types of pictures to upload to your profile? What types of activities and hobbies should you include on your profile? How do you take all the best qualities that you possess and put it all down on paper in a way that makes people want to reach out to you.

I am still an online dater myself so hopefully you can all share in this journey and let’s figure out how to create great profiles and conquer the online dating world. I would love for you to share your stories.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,