Do’s and Don’ts

Couple-selfieWe all know how scary dating can be.  Especially internet dating.  It’s awkward and nerve racking and we just never really know what we’re going to get when deciding to put ourselves and lives on the web.  So below are some things we can do and don’t do when dating that may help us in the long run.


When responding to a profile, be confident.

Highlight specific qualities from the persons profile that stood out to you or things you have in common.

Be honest about what you are looking for in a companion.  If you are looking for a fling, be honest about that in the beginning so that there’s no confusion.  If you are looking for a relationship and marriage, say that up front.

When going on the first date, dress appropriately for the activities of the date.

When deciding to speak on the phone, listen to each other and really pay attention to the conversation. Guy-on-the-phone

When on the date, order what you really want from menu.  Don’t be afraid to eat on the date.


Guys – don’t forget to take your manners with you on the date and every date after that.

If having adult beverages, don’t drink too much and get hammered.

Don’t make the first date complicated.  Choose something you both can feel comfortable with and have fun.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Don’t make a fake profile online just to get someone to respond to your profile.

Don’t post pictures of yourself half naked.